Member Feature: Legacy Creamery

Last Updated 12/4/2023

Member Feature: Legacy Creamery

"Legacy Creamery: Crafting More Than Gelato, Building Dreams"

In the heart of Tullahoma, Tennessee, Legacy Creamery isn't just about serving delectable gelato; it's a passionate endeavor rooted in love, community, and a heartfelt purpose. Formerly known as "Southern Sundaes," Legacy Creamery has evolved into a haven for uniquely flavored gelato, all made with care in small batches in southern middle Tennessee.

Crafting Uniquely Flavored Gelato with Love

Legacy Creamery's commitment to crafting exceptional gelato goes beyond the ordinary. Operating from a former Coca-Cola bottling facility in Tullahoma, their small-batch approach ensures that each two-gallon creation receives the attention it deserves. Every ingredient is hand-folded, resulting in flavors that are nothing short of one-of-a-kind. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced as well which makes this locally-made product even more special.

A Purpose Beyond the Creamery: Eli's Legacy

Legacy Creamery is more than just a gelato haven; it's a tribute to the enduring legacy of Eli,  the son of Legacy Creamery's founders, Cassy and Tony Grow, who passed away in a tragic accident on April 30, 2016.  Eli left an indelible mark on their lives. In response, the Eli Grow Legacy Foundation was established to carry on Eli's vision for high school and college athletics. Remarkably, 100% of the proceeds from Legacy Creamery are donated to this foundation, making every scoop of gelato a step towards realizing Eli's dream. Whether enjoyed at the creamery, purchased from a local store, or featured at an event, every partnership with Legacy Creamery contributes to the realization of a meaningful legacy.  To learn more about the foundation click here

The Artistry of Gelato Making: A Culinary Journey

Behind Legacy Creamery's exceptional gelato is Cassy, a trained gelato artisan. Having honed her skills at a culinary school in North Carolina, Cassy brings a wealth of expertise to the craft, elevating the gelato-making process to an art form. What sets Legacy Creamery apart is not only Cassy's dedication but also the state-of-the-art Italian gelato maker she utilizes—a machine imported from Italy. Legacy Creamery proudly stands as the only place in Tennessee boasting the use of this exclusive gelato maker, enhancing the authenticity and quality of every batch.

Community, Family, and Gelato: The Legacy Creamery Experience

Stepping into Legacy Creamery is not just about indulging in artisanal gelato; it's an experience steeped in love and care. The gelato laboratory, once a Coca-Cola facility, now buzzes with the sweet symphony of handcrafted gelato and sorbet. Each visit becomes a journey through flavors created with dedication, inspired by the community, family, and the sweet-tooth of local high-school athletes.

Growing Dreams and Gelato Beyond Tullahoma

Legacy Creamery aspires to grow beyond Tullahoma, sharing its exceptional gelato creations with neighboring communities and cities. With a vision fueled by the desire to provide more than just frozen treats, Legacy Creamery beckons individuals to join them in building dreams and making a tangible impact through the Eli Grow Legacy Foundation.

In supporting Legacy Creamery, you're not just savoring delicious gelato; you're contributing to a purpose-driven legacy that transcends the boundaries of taste, making a difference in the lives of aspiring athletes and the community at large. To learn more about Legacy Creamery's journey and the Eli Grow Legacy Foundation, visit their website here. Your indulgence becomes a small but significant step towards realizing Eli's dream—one scoop at a time.

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